Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not so beastly after all

I knew Mr. Gold remembered. :) The part where Regina forces him to name himself was deliciously thrilling.

The only problem is that I'm not sure precisely where this fits in to the timeline. It's obviously before Rumpelstiltskin is imprisoned by Prince James and Prince David, yet it must be after the Evil Queen kills off King Leopold, since she's wearing black. The other hint that it doesn't take place too long before the Curse is that Belle-in-the-real-world looks about the same age as Belle-in-Fairytale-Land, so not too much time would have passed between the Beauty-and-the-Beast events and the Curse. Maybe later we'll get more hints as to exactly when it fits in.

Verrrry interesting things happening here, though. Firstly, it's obvious that the Evil Queen lied about Belle dying. But what did happen to her? I'd hazard a guess that she was somehow captured and imprisoned by the Evil Queen, which is why she was transported right to what appears to be the secret mental ward of Storybrook Hospital as part of the Curse.

And speaking of the secret mental ward...who else is in there? I suspect the answer to that question is also very interesting.

Finally, we got information that "any curse can be broken by true love's kiss" (or words to that effect). Now, the Evil Queen lies like a rug on a regular basis, so anything she says needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt. But, given that Rumpelstiltskin started to transform back to a human when Belle kissed him, maybe she wasn't kidding there. We've also seen that Prince James' kiss cured the curse that "killed" Snow White. (Although, if the Evil Queen knew about the power of true love's kiss, should she not have anticipated that instead of getting mad at Maleficent for giving her an easily-broken curse?) And, very interestingly if you think about it, Graham and Emma kissing broke a certain amount of the Curse for Graham, because it brought his real memories back.

Which begs the question...what kiss is it going to take to break the Curse overall? Could it possibly be that we need Regina to experience true love's kiss for that to happen? I think that's a seriously fascinating possibility.

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